Social media commenters the world over are wondering the same thing: Iggy Azalea's new single "Sally Walker" bears a strong resemblance to Cardi B's "Money," in relation to the chosen beat. Before taking in the overwhelmingly conspicuous response,

Iggy earmarked the song as the go-to single for her forthcoming project In My Defense, slated for release in the not-so-distant 2019. If you haven't heard it yet, here's your chance at a gander before the conversation reaches a standstill. 

The answer to this consonance is actually quite simple. The producer behind Iggy's "Sally Walker" beat is JWhiteDidIt, the individual who crafted Cardi B's "Money." It would appear that JWhiteDidIt consorted with Iggy before signing off on the placement.

All signs point to Iggy, JWhite being on the same page regarding the issue. Cardi B hasn't mentioned "Sally Walker," in the hours since it debuted. Although similar in vein, the beats are sequenced using different BPMs.

On the subject of JWhiteDidIt's work on "Money," the producer alluded to tailoring the beat to Cardi B's cadence and personal preferences. "If you can’t tell, she likes her beats to rock a certain way," JWhite told Complex when "Money" first hit the airwaves. "Since I first worked with her to now, she knows how she likes her hi-hat."

JWhite who also produced Cardi B's breakout hit "Bodak Yellow" even acknowledged the similarity to "Sally Walker" in his response to a Tweeter who suggested both songs were due for a mashup. What do you make of the likeness, comment below?