Life on the road isn't for the faint of heart, especially for artists who go all out to give their fans the show of a lifetime. Fantasia always loves to give everything she has when performing on stage, but it seems that it's all beginning to catch up to her. The singer has recently released her beloved album Sketchbook and is currently on a tour of the same name with supporting acts Robin Thicke, Tank, and The Bonfyre. During an Instagram Live session with her fans, Fantasia shared that this tour will be her last.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

According to the American Idol winner, she doesn't have it in her to complete a tour with back to back dates anymore. "It's been 16 years for me and the way that I perform and as much as I give, and I can't help it, it takes a lot out of me," she said. "I'd rather prepare shows where there's like spot dates, one-offs, and do it that way. Yes, this is it!"

Back in October, Fantasia exclusively chatted with us about her Sketchbook Tour and told us what fans could expect from her live show. "I think this is gonna be the one [where] people are gonna walk off and be like, 'I didn't even know. I thought I'd seen her before. I thought she'd reached the max, but this b*tch just took the whole roof off the place and I feel like I wanna go with her.' That's what I'm planning on doing and giving them. Making the dudes move and making the girls sing. That's what I want."

Watch clips of Fantasia on her Sketchbook Tour below.