Two days back we had an article about the origins of certain flows, and some of our ever reliable commenters took it to be some sort of ranking of the best flows, which was not the case. The entire point of the article was to point out that some flows are influenced by region, and some by other artists. It was in no way a ranking of the best flows, yet the internet kids kept yelling "HOW IZ WIZ NOT BE ON DA LISST?" and "YOUNG THUG HAZ BEST FLOWS OF ALL TYME". Yet, there was no list. Today we're here to remedy that.

We're looking to continue the discussion of flows, so we've decided to rank the best flows in the game CURRENTLY, not of all time, not of 2003 (to the kids who wanted to hear about Twista), but right now. We'll go with a top ten list, as well as some honorable mentions at the end. This list is based strictly off flow; sales and popularity were not considered when factoring in the top contenders. By flow we mean: the ability to ride any beat while creatively changing pace, cadence, delivery, and style.

DISCLAIMER: When you comment on this article, you must also list either your top 5 or 10 flows in the game. Can't make an argument against this list without us knowing who's on yours, right?