The plot of Far Cry 5 is so entertaining, that people can't help but pick the title up. In the open world game, a religious-cult called Project at Eden's Gate, and its leader Joseph Seed, feel threatened by the progress of the world around them. The cult takes over a fictional town in Montana, and imposes their religious and political will on the residents. Far Cry games are usually based in countries far from home, but the latest entry brings everything home to America, where religion and insanity meet in a twisted yet hilarious plot. 

Apparently, gamers can't get enough of the latest Far Cry, because according to Varietyit is the best selling game of the year so far. Far Cry 5 is also the most successful entry in the franchise, and it almost doubled the first week sales of Far Cry 4. It is the fastest selling title in the series history as well, which means a sequel will probably be introduced in two years time. 

If you have a PlayStation system, I would recommend picking up God of War before diving into Far Cry 5, which can take a full month of non-stop play to complete the main story, the side missions, the territory takeovers, the hunting missions, and all the other hidden gems that have been embed in the game.