Fast & Furious 9 is coming, after years of delays. Between allotting time for Dwyane Johnson's Shaw & Hobbs and Covid 19 delays, the film has been pushed back a number of times. However, we still get new clips from the film as the days progress. The Fast crew showcased a new trailer during the Super Bowl, which is no surprise. Almost every entry of the series has secured a Super Bowl commercial spot. 

The 30-second spot doesn't really give fans much new footage, but a few shots did catch our attention. Apparently, there will be some type of magnet that can capture cars, along with some wooded chase scenes. Check out the new trailer below.  

The Fast Saga is set to end with the 11th film, which means there are still two left. We expect that to mean Fast 9 will start off a trilogy of events that will conclude several open storylines. Of course, it has already been confirmed that the Fast crew is going to space. With that in mind, the only thing left for the Fast crew to do is to battle the Avengers. Although Fast 11 is scheduled to be the last film in the main franchise, several spin-offs are on the way.