There's been an ongoing debate over the years about who's a better basketball player: Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Most would agree that its Jordan, but there are others who would argue otherwise. Recently, Lil Wayne chimed in on the conversation during a Q&A with Bumbu Rum, admitting that he picks Kobe over Jordan."God, forgive me. Jordan, forgive me. But, it's Kobe," he said with reluctance. His answer seemed to cause an uproar among basketball fans including Fat Joe. The "So Excited" rapper explained that he loves Wayne, but vehemently disagrees with his stance on who the GOAT of basketball is.


Fat Joe recently spoke to TMZ about Lil Wayne's recent comments on the ongoing Kobe vs. Jordan debate. The rapper has an understanding of why Lil Wayne would say that, but he clearly doesn't agree.

"He's a Laker fan," he said. "I love Kobe, yeah, but it ain't Kobe over Jordan. No way. And I love Kobe. I think Kobe is top two, top three."

He made it clear that Jordan is his number one pick overall before approaching Dre and asking him his thoughts on Wayne's comments.

"Lil Wayne -- one of the greatest rappers ever," he said before Fat Joe cuts him off.

"We worship Lil Wayne. We worship Kobe Bryant. But ain't nobody -- nobody better than Jordan," Joe said.

 Peep the clip below.