Father, the face of Awful Records has scored his label a lucrative partnership with RCA records which allow his artists better funding and support. The deal with follow the "Orchard Distribution" model, a constellation of smaller names breathing underneath a larger holding company. Father had this to say about his label's precarious position:

"Awful has done a lot for indie music. We showed many just how far you can get on your own. Now we finally have the opportunity to take things further and grander with RCA Records. Not only that, it was given to us on our own terms. When you put as much thought into the music as we do, you want it to be heard."

Awful Records is also home to Big Baby Scumbag, Abra, Danger Incorporated, KeithCharles, Archibald Slim, Slug Christ, Tommy Genesis and Ethereal. The label was also instrumental in helping artists like Playboi Carti and iLoveMakonnen build their international profile. On the other hand, RCA Records has a solid track record of working hand-in-hand with established rap acts, with a roster that reflects a willingness to experiment with a convergence of alternative ideas. Father celebrated the milestone by posting an image of the all key players who closed the deal, posing for a shot.