Father ain't a deadbeat. He is about to feed his kids before the end of the year. Father the rapper is not to be confused with Father MC, an old head who was making big moves in the 90s. The Father we are concerned with today is the "Why Don't U" rapper from Atlanta. Father is the owner of Awful Records, which houses the likes of Keith Charles and ABRA. It's been about two years since he dropped a full-fledged project. His last one, Papicodone, was posted on his Soundcloud in 2016 along with the hashtag "#Im on drugs." Clearly, the rapper is in on the trend. Lately, drug talk in "urban" music has revolved around the pharmaceutical variety and Father isn't likely to switch that up. We can't say for sure. All we know if that he is still his boisterous self, based on his tweets.

Now don't get it twisted. He's been working. We have him to thank, at least partially, for ABRA. According to his Instagram, we can expect some new heat from the "dark wave duchesse" as well.

Listen to the pair's beloved track, "Why Don't You." His collaboration "Dreamboat Freestyle" with Lil Yachty is also available for streaming. To get a feel for Father's most recent esthetic, check out his music video for "Hands," which came out around this time last year.