Emerging Chicago rapper FBG Duck was shot and killed during a drive-by in August 2020 just months after his diss track "Dead B***hes."

The late King Von originally claimed he and FBG were not at a bad place at the time of his death despite their public, past beef, revealing that the two were "talking bout bringing everybody together as a whole n changing da community for the better," even though FBG Duck dissed his own "dead homies and family."

Duck’s rival 600Breezy chose violence, however, when he dropped a teaser for his diss track "Stop Playing," just a day after FBG Duck’s death, with lyrics suggesting he was anticipating Duck’s murder.

Others in the game suspected Duck would get hit, including Boosie who told Vlad TV he may have jinxed the rapper because he told his nephew he thought Duck could be killed after hearing how hard he went on "Dead B***hes."  As we reported, Duck’s own mother shared Boosie’s sentiments, believing that his death was in retaliation for the song. 

Almost a year after her son’s death, FBG Duck’s mother, LaSheena Weekly lost the last gift she had received from her son. On Tuesday night, Weekly took to Instagram to mourn while she sat in the shock of a car accident that left her car totaled. 

The mother sobbed uncontrollably while thanking God for her own safety. Her caption read, "GOD IS GOOD N I WAS NOT DRIVIN N SUM ASSHOLE SPENDING ALMOST HIT US THANK GOD UM OK BUT LOOK AT MY CARRRRRRR ONLY THING I HAD LEFTED DAT MY BABY BROUGHT MEHHHH I SWEAR DUCK I TRIED N I HOPE THE PEOPLE DAT HIT ME OK TOO," with a dozen crying emojis sprinkled throughout. 

Commenters sent LaSheena well wishes along with some of Duck’s friends in the Chicago rap scene including Rapper Big Chris who commented, “ GOT A THOUSAND TOWARDS U A NEW CAR MAMA DONT CRY BE STRONG FOR DUCK WE GOTTA GWT U A CUSTOM MADE DUCK SEATS CAR BABY HEAD UP” and Darrion Da Don who shared, "I’m glad you ok momma cars can be fixed keep your head up."

Check out mama Duck's IG post below.