As Trump supporters across the country are identified and arrested by the FBI, a new report suggests that there is an investigation into whether or not the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol was an inside job. Following the "Stop The Steal" rally led by Donald Trump, the president's followers made their way to the Capitol while Congress was in session, counting the Electoral College votes to certify President-Elect Joe Biden as America's next leader. 

There has been heavy criticism in the days that have followed after multiple videos have shown a lax response from Capitol police. There were reports that the National Guard was told not to show up at the Capitol but after mass chaos, a woman being shot, and the building being taken over by domestic terrorists, they finally showed up to get things in order.

On Friday, reports surfaced stating that clean up crews faced a daunting task as rioters defecated inside the building and smeared feces on the walls. Property was destroyed, personal items were stolen, and according to TMZ, the FBI wants to find out if this was a "premeditated assault." The agency is looking into whether the riot was "aided by police and staffers in the building."

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Spencer Platt / Staff / Getty Images

Many of us have seen the videos of police officers ushering Trump supporters through the security guardrails and posing for selfies with rioters once they made it inside. Questions have arisen on how the revolters were able to find each of the rooms in the building with ease, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, considering that the maze-like layout isn't simple to figure out.

All staff including "engineers, plumbers, and janitors" are reportedly being investigated and TMZ reports that many Capitol police officers could face charges of cowardice for failing to act. The outlet further states that rioters are looking at charges including "threats and menacing against Congress" among others for stealing property, including government documents and personal mail.