The FBI released 10 more photos of members of a pro-Trump crowd who stormed the U.S. Capitol building while Congress was tallying Electoral College votes on Tuesday. The FBI has issued a nationwide manhunt for the rioters and released 10 close-up photos caught on the building’s security cameras.

The large crowd, some armed with guns, stormed through the halls assaulting staff, smashing and vandalizing property, and broke into House and Senate leaders’ chambers. Capitol Hill staffers and lawmakers were under lockdown or hid behind chairs or under tables.

The siege left 5 people dead: four trespassers and one police officer. The wanted poster features 10 men, and the feds are asking for the public’s help in the investigation. 

Since the event, authorities have been actively seeking out the violent protestors. However, employers have been just as active in this as well, terminating employees who took part in the tragic events that occurred Tuesday. 

The FBI is also inquiring about the person captured on camera who was suspected of planting two homemade bombs at the Democratic and Republican national committees’ headquarters. A wanted poster has been released for that suspect and police announced a $50,000 reward for any information on this person’s identity and whereabouts.

Just this afternoon, political commentator Alex Jones decided to take credit for the rally, citing Trump's encouragement.

fbi wanted poster

FBI's Wanted Poster