Every once in a while, a clothing item comes around that ends up confusing just about everybody. More likely than not in these cases, a high-end fashion designer will have a brilliant idea that just doesn't end up hitting with the audience. In the past, we've seen Gucci come through with a bathing suit that literally can't be worn in the water. We've also witnessed Balenciaga create a t-shirt with a button-down shirt stitched to the front of it... Some pretty unusual things can be seen on the runway and the latest comes from none other than Fendi.

Fendi has experienced a recent resurgence as the fashion house is being referenced more and more often in songs. This product, however, may not have been thought through entirely. Photos of a scarf that the brand designed are making their way across the internet as people just aren't quite sure how to react. There's really no other way to say this but the scarf shares an uncanny resemblance to the female genitalia. You read that correctly, folks... The new Fendi scarf looks like a vagina. 

Social media has begun to clown Fendi for even putting it into production and at its $990 price point, we're a little confused as well. The best part about this is that it's currently sold out on Farfetch, so apparently there are people interested in looking like they're in the process of being born. We're pretty speechless about this one. What are your thoughts?