Most rappers flex their new chains, cars, or houses on social media. Fetty Wap comes through sporting a brand new pair of eyes... When he first broke onto the scene, people were confused about the New Jersey singer's look. There were rumors about his seemingly missing eye and, until he cleared them up, the public was left guessing. Fetty was born with glaucoma, having his left eye removed when he was six-months-old and rocking the look ever since. This week, the "Trap Queen" artist decided to spice things up a little, debuting a brand new look and amazing his audience with some new eyeballs. He was swiftly clowned by the likes of 50 Cent and Desiigner for his efforts.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via Getty Images

As we all wait for Fetty Wap's comeback, the rapper decided to have some fun with his fans online. He posted a video of himself laying down while wildly moving around his eyes. "I just got these new eyes, I'm tryna get these shits to work," said Fetty Wap before smacking himself upside the head and knocking them back into place. 

The video is clearly edited but still, this is pretty hilarious. 50 Cent let his friend know that he was acting a fool, writing: "this Boy stupid." Desiigner chimed in with a similar response.

What do you think of Fetty Wap's new look?