UPDATEFetty Wap's legal representative has informed us that the singer was personally dismissed from the case. RGF Productions, his label, is allegedly responsible for paying the former employee $1.1 million.

RGF Productions has been found guilty in a defamation case that was led by his former employee, Shawna Morgan. The lawsuit was directed at both Wap and his company, Goodfella4life Entertainment, for defamation as well as breaching contract.

The jury sided with Morgan and awarded her $1,167,065. $980,000 for the defamation, $66,294 for the breach of contract, and $120,771 as added interest.  

fetty wap court case ordered to pay one million dollars Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Morgan worked for Wap during a tour and was contracted to be paid between five to ten percent of his performance profits. However, while working for him, she would find herself paying out of pocket for tour-related expenses. At first, Fetty Wap would agree to reimburse her, but by early 2017 his payments stopped. In expenses alone, Morgan said Fetty Wap owed her $242,703

Morgan decided to take action after Wap made several public claims against her in the media. He was claiming that she had stolen from him, double-dipping, by charging his company as well as their clients. Morgan stated that these claims damaged her reputation and work prospects. 

fetty wap court case ordered to pay 1 million dollars employee Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The case between the two originally went to arbitration which ruled that Wap pay Morgan $160,000 in damages. Wap refuted and asked for a trial. Now, RGF Productions does not only have to pay her $1.1 million but also has to post public retractions about Morgan on his private and business social media accounts. He also has to take out ad space in an "entertainment publication" to clear Morgan's name.