Fetty Wap posted a candid apology on his Instagram account for making a series of "mistakes and bad decisions" in his life. The "My Way" rapper also apologized for "embarrassing" his current girlfriend and daughters.

Fetty Wap
Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Wap explained in a lengthy post in his story:

It comes a point in life when you gotta man up and stop blaming everybody for your own actions. I made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions in my life…& for the most part I never given them a second thought but…maybe because I’m getting older or for once I was really happy [for real] I let my greed and pride step in the way and I didn’t let these [people] [know] how much of a good woman I had by my side…everything I thought about you was false. I never had to second guess you but I didn’t return that energy…I stressed you out over shit I could’ve changed and could have simply just not [involved] myself…you was there through everything this year…all the deaths…the shootings…everything.

The New Jersey rapper is the father of six children with five women. He continued in his post to speak about his role as a father:

I’m sorry for embarrassing you & embarrassing my daughters as a father. I know if someone treated my daughters the way I’ve treated people I would be in max lockup. I am not proud of the man I am today but Ima change that for myself and for my children especially my daughters and for you.

Wap's post comes just days after being dragged online by his baby mothers on social media.