Despite Nike's Colin Kaepernick advertisement sharing an important message with the world, one particular photo has turned into the latest meme sensation. It's hard to tell what will hit or not as a meme but Colin Kaepernick's "Just Do It" campaign has been instant gold for meme tastemakers. This year, we've seen Cardi B and Jay-Z become memes and now, everyone is having fun with the Nike template as 50 Cent has proven to be one of the (obvious) frontrunners for best usage. Fetty Wap decided to flip the original text to poke some fun at himself and the most recognizable feature on his face: his eye.

In the past, Fetty has gone into detail about why his eye looks the way it does, attributing it to glaucoma when he was a child. He used to wear a prosthetic eye but ended up removing it in his quest to stand out. Fetty's eye has been one of the trademark parts of his look and he's fully aware of that, making fun of himself from time to time. The most recent instance of this is through the "My Way" singer's Kaepernick meme, cutting off the original text midway through since he can only see out of one eye. Declaring that the craze has "gawn to [sic] far now," Fetty still felt the need to post the image to his socials.

You have to admit this one is pretty funny. The Nike template is getting a little played out but Fetty may have revived it a touch.