Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap started the week off in a lot of panic since their one-year-old daughter Alaiya had to undergo emergency brain surgery. Alaiya was born three months premature which resulted in her having an implant put in her brain to assist with draining blood and fluid. The little cutie suffers from hydrocephalus which forms the blood and fluid build up. 

Alexis was worried about her daughter when she kept throwing up repeatedly, which urged a hospital visit that sparked the surgery. The surgery went well and little Alaiya is said to be recovering just fine. Fetty Wap has followed up with a video he posted to Instagram, thanking his followers, fans, and family for all the well wishes during the difficult time. 

"I just want to thank all yall for sending your prayers and love [for my] baby girl. I appreciate that shit," he said. 

"In a year, my whole life changed. I had to make the transition fast and it comes with challenges but nothing compares to living my dream, being able to provide for my kids and family, and taking my people with me," Fetty said in a previous interview.

"We were grinding for a long time and we stayed down until we came up. I look at all of this as a blessing. I started off doing music like everybody else, as an outlet and to do something that wasn't gonna have me end up in jail or dead."