New Year's Eve is upon us, and the options for where you can party are endless. House parties, clubs, bars, live shows, or Netflix and chill, pick your poison. For artists, it's a night to capitalize on their worth and often means performing at a club. 

Future is putting on a show in New York City, Rich Homie Quan and Fetty Wap will both be performing in Las Vegas while DeJ Loaf is hitting up Queens. TMZ has unearthed just how much each artist has requested, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Future comes out on top with a fee of $200,000. Future is also requesting two large bags of white cheddar popcorn, scented candles and white powdered donuts.

Fetty Wap comes in second place, demanding $125,000. His rider requests include tea with honey, a pack of cigars, and a pack of lighters. Rich Homie's Vegas performance will earn him $90,000 in one night, with a rider that includes bottles of room temperature water, four different kinds of chicken wings, and a fruit platter.

Finally, DeJ Loaf's going to be making $60,000. Her demands are rather simple, asking for 12-14 Mercedes Benz Sprinter van and a ton of alcohol.

Happy New Year's Eve!