If you're looking for the proper vehicle to use on your next seafaring adventure, look no further than Porsche's brand-new superyacht. Unveiled yesterday in Viareggio, Italy, the amazing new luxury item from the well-known automotive brand will cost $16 million. For that price, you will get a rare piece of machinery, with only seven of these superyachts being produced in the world. Check out some pictures of the vessel below.

[Images via Architectural Digest]

According to Architectural Digest, this model of superyacht would be created by Dynamiq, a Monaco-based builder headquartered in Port Hercule, which is where most of the ritzy superyachts are bought and sold. What makes this creation stand out from the pack is how it's designed, with a premium placed on innovation, design, and speed, qualities that Porsche has valued for nearly one hundred years. The Dynamiq GTT 115, which is the vessel's actual name, will almost definitely be the talk of next week's Monaco Yacht Show.

The superyacht would boast an all-aluminum construction and feature a hybrid engine that can reach a top speed of 21 knots (a little over 24 mph). The maximum cruising range is 3,400 nautical miles, which equates to about a trip from Monaco to New York. The vessel will also have four cabins for guests to stay in, in addition to a pool on the main deck to enjoy the sun. The interior, designed in tandem with the company Minotti, will have a noticeable amount of leather, marble, and carbon-fiber detailing all around each room on board. It's clear that Porsche is aiming to make this a superyacht the likes of which the world has never seen.

"Taking the spirit of high-performance sports-car styling to the high seas, the Dynamiq GTT 115 is designed to appeal to car lovers and forward-thinking yacht owners," said Roland Heiler, CEO of F. A. Studio Porsche, in a statement. After conquering the Formula One circuit, it looks like the racing giant has set its sights on more nautical avenues in the near future. The rareness of the item will almost surely court some celebrity interest, perhaps from the world of hip-hop. Jay-Z? Diddy? Drake? Any takers for this one? Only time will tell.