Brooklyn rapper Fivio Foreign has come a long way in a short amount of time. The rising star has become one of the hottest artists in his city, dropping his new project 800 B.C. and earning lots of fan praise for it. Not so long ago, he was racking his brain, trying to figure out how to reach the level he's at now. At the time, he was living in a homeless shelter with his pregnant girlfriend and, when he posted a picture of them then and now on Twitter, he likely didn't expect to get destroyed in the comments.

"Ladies.. Stay down w yah man, Yu neva know," he wrote. "& we was livin inna shelter in dat first pic."

In the picture, Fivio is wearing a Ferragamo belt. You know, to flex on everybody else in the shelter... Upon spotting the designer accessory, people started clowning the rapper for prioritizing his drip over his family.

"Had her pregnant in the shelter while being swagged out," wrote one commenter. "Bro had his priorities all over the place. Living in a shelter with a ferragamo belt," wrote another.

Of course, the belt could easily have been a fake. In fact, that's probably the case. However, you can't fault the internet for coming after Fivio for this.

Fivio Foreign
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images