In the late-night hours of Tuesday (March 2), accusations against Fivio Foreign began to brew. A video of a woman describing an alleged encounter with the New York rapper began to circulate after she claimed that she was at a party with him and he locked her in a room. She alleges that he tried making sexual advances and when she told him to stop, he put his fingers in her vagina and threatened to rape her.

“I’m in the room he locks the door,” the woman said in the video. “Now, we laying down, he start touching me and I’m like, 'Stop!' I’m screaming but the music is so loud. I’m screaming my friend’s name to the ground. He’s sticking his fingers in me and I’m like, ‘Yo, this feel like rape,’ and he’s like, ‘B*tch, I will rape you right now.”

According to The Shade Room, Fivio Foreign's team issued a statement to them regarding the recent allegations. The outlet claims that Fivio's team "denies the accusations and alleges that the young woman in question is dating Fivio’s dancer." The woman reportedly also stated that there were guns at the scene, and the rapper's team added that Fivio doesn't carry a firearm. 

Back in October, Fivio was accused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. He later came forward to deny those allegations.