Fivio Foreign became a recognizable face in the Brooklyn drill scene, along with Pop Smoke, as they exploded into mainstream consciousness months apart from each other. Fivio was often seen by Pop Smoke's side in various interviews and the two had a close-knit relationship. The rapper recently sat down with Vlad where he got in-depth about his feelings regarding Pop's death. The rapper detailed just how much it hurt to find out about Pop's death. "It hurt, bro. I ain't gon' lie. That shit hurt," he said.

Shortly after the release of Pop Smoke's Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon, police revealed that they had arrested four suspects in the late rapper's murder case. Many were excited about this news but Fivio Foreign wishes they were still on the street.

"I was tight," Fivio said after he was asked how he felt about the alleged killers' arrest. "I'm mad they got locked up," he added. Fivio continued to explain that he wishes they were actually on the street. Even though there's a possibility two of the suspects could face the death penalty, Fivio doubled down. "I don't want them in jail."

Check out both interviews with Fivio Foreign below.