For most of this year, FKA Twigs has stayed off the map, prompting many to wonder what she has been up to. The enigmatic and original artist appeared in an Apple commercial in March and, aside from that, she has not done much. After some speculation, the singer has revealed the reason behind her unforeseen hiatus in an Instagram post. 

In a letter written to her fans, Twigs said that she hesitated to inform her audience about the recent health issues she has experienced due to her being an incredibly private person. While she went "back and forth" in her mind about revealing the news, she went in for the kill, dropping a bombshell on the world. The artist wrote, "I have been recovering from laparoscopic surgery to remove 6 fibroid tumours from my uterus. the tumours were pretty huge, the size of 2 cooking apples 🍎 🍎, 3 kiwis 🥝 🥝 🥝 and a couple of 🍓🍓. a fruit bowl of pain everyday. the nurse said that the weight and size was like being 6 months pregnant."

The news of FKA's health scare is shocking and we are glad to hear that she is in the process of recovering. Noting that the surgery took a lot out of her, both literally and figuratively, Twigs is back to her confident self, showing off her impressive physique and flexibility by sharing a sexy video of herself learning new choreography. The singer says her surgery was in December, remarking that her confidence as a woman was "knocked" and that she is just now beginning to regain the same love for her body. Hopefully, Twigs recovers in a swift manner and can get back into recording mode as the follow-up to LP1 is highly anticipated and long overdue.