FKA Twigs broke out from independent music circles to captivate a larger, more mainstream audience with her warped and utterly contemporary take on pop and R&B. This elevated platform has given the British songstress a more easily-recognizable presence, which has in Twigs being tapped by major companies to hawk their products via international advertisement campaigns. 

The "Two Weeks" singer has lent her face and dancing acumen to Google for their Google Glass product, as well as legendary sportswear brand Nike

In this Spike Jonze-directed clip, Twigs tones down her afrofuturist aesthetic in favour of more modest threads, simply wearing a white long-sleeved tee and a pair of hip-hugging jeans. The premise of the clip is quite simple, Twigs is depicted as a working woman whose life appears to be pretty monotonous and banal. Upon returning home from work, she instructs Siri to play a song that she likes, which prompts the HomePod to begin blasting a new Anderson .Paak track called "'Til It's Over."

As Twigs begins to inhabit the song's groove and dance around her apartment, her living space begins to shape shift and expand into a surreal dance floor. The singer/dancer even becomes a duplicate for a brief segment, transforming her life's mundanity into something more exciting and dreamlike. 

Peep the clip below: