Yesterday, the Flatbush Zombies came through with a clutch announcement -- they would be delivering a brand new EP titled Now More Than Ever on June 5th. Their first project release since 2018's Vacation In Hell, not counting their many contributions to Beast Coast's Escape From New York, it would appear that Meechy Darko, Erick Arc Elliot, and Zombie Juice will be slowly previewing each track on Instagram. As it happens, the EP's first track is set to be called "Herb." 

Flatbush Zombies

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Opening with a mysterious choral chant, the track soon crescendos into an explosion of sound, the perfect backdrop for the ever-volatile vocals of Meechy Darko. "Nothing's more creative than a hater," he snarls, before the snippet is cut short. It's unclear as to whether Meech is sparking up a verse or holding it down for the hook, but it seems as if he's got something on his mind all the same. Sonically, it appears as if Erick has been bringing out the big guns for this go-around, taking his time to build interesting and evolving soundscapes for the boys to dismantle one by one. 

Check out the opening moments of "Herb" below, and keep an eye out for Flatbush Zombies' triumphant return on June 5th. Are you looking forward to checking out Now More Than Ever?