Flatbush Zombies' second studio album, Vacation In Hell, is set to drop on April 6th. To tide their ravenous fans over till then, the trio have dropped a new Ellington Hammond-directed short film called "Building A Ladder."

The film runs a hefty 27 minutes long, so unless you have some time to kill it might be strictly for super fans only, but it's still worth a watch all the same. The video plays interviews with each member of the group: Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick Arc Elliott. The audio from the interviews plays over footage of music recording and massive shows that the Zombies' had performed. 

The members of the band are very introspective here, reflecting on their crafts, their own successes, and what that means for themselves and for others. Erick, who juggles multiple roles as the groups main producer, engineer, and third lyricist, comments that he doesn't mind being overlooked as rapper, because he wants to win you over with his verse. Meechy Darko wants to live with no regrets and fulfill all his goals and dreams which, interestingly, includes becoming a WWE wrestler. He might have to put on a few pounds before he can do that, but he sounds confident he can achieve it. Zombie Juice is amazed that he's managed to touch people's lives, though he doesn't understand how exactly he does it.

If you're a big Flatbush Zombies fan, go ahead and check out the video down below. If you're just discovering the group now, check out the track list for their upcoming album.