In the wake of Bill Cosby's three-to-ten year prison sentence, TMZ caught up with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper Flesh-n-Bone to pick his brain. Flesh claims that prison was a "cake-walk," but one must remember, the streets have nothing but love for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Bill Cosby, while beloved in some circles, has the weight of his charges hanging over him. Upon being reminded of that simple fact, Flesh replies with an amusingly delivered "oh goodness gracious, you're right!" Still, he remains confident that Bill will be alright, though dealing with the sheer boredom may prove a difficult task. 

"He's gotta be able to be a good chess player, checkers," says Flesh-N-Bone. "A good drawer, maybe draw a couple of pictures. Write a couple of poems, write a couple of books. He should probably work on a few scripts. In three years he could probably write four or five scripts." He also believes that Cosby's history as stand-up comedian will come into play. "Somebody's going to get him to tell some jokes," says Flesh. "Some puddin' pop jokes." 

Honestly, the big takeaway here is Flesh-n-Bone's lively spirits. For those who don't know, Flesh previously served twelve years in jail over assault charges, which arose following the height of the group's success. It's clear the man's experience speaks volumes, although it's equally likely that Bill Cosby does not share his optimism.