The "Florida Man" chronicles almost seem never-ending at this point. The latest addition to that exclusive club involves a man arrested for stealing 13 scratch-off tickets, who only got caught because he went back to the same convenience store that he'd just robbed to cash on his newly-obtained $30 winnings.

Florida Man Arrested Cash In Stolen Winning Lottery Ticket
Image: Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Clearwater Police Department reported on the man's arrest via Twitter (seen below), writing, "So much for being lucky at the lottery. Herbert McClellan stole 13 scratch-off tickets from a convenience store and immediately tried to see if any were winners. When one was a $30 winner, he went back to the same store to cash it in. Officers were called, and he's in jail now." The 27-year-old ended up getting charged with petit theft and dealing in stolen property as reported by Newsweek, and it appears that McClellan is reportedly being held on a $12,000 bail while awaiting trial. There's no telling what the $30 would've ended up going towards, but judging by the looks of that mugshot we'll hold out for hope that he was using it to get himself a haircut. 

Take a look at his mugshot below for a good look at why petty crime never pays in the long run: