It's become common to see "Florida Man" in headlines describing the most absurd acts. The heated state is the home of the instigator of another terrifying incident. This time, the "Florida Man" flew all the way to Chicago to complete his heinous act.

According to the Miami Herald, Justin Foster made his way to Chi-Town in August to confront his ex-girlfriend's new lover. Foster is said to have hit the new boyfriend in the head with a tire iron after spotting him on the street. He then carved initials into the victim's leg and cut off his penis, which he threw over a fence before leaving the unnamed man lying in a pool of his own blood. It is unclear whether the two men had any interaction prior to this violence.

The victim was later found by a passerby and rushed to the hospital. Officials claim the man sustained permanent brain damage from the attack. Foster allegedly fled the scene and headed back to Tallahassee, where he was arrested and brought back to Chicago.

Foster was initially being held in jail with no bond. A judge has granted him one of $1 Million on Thursday. If someone is willing to post that substantial amount of money for him, the alleged d*ck-chopping assailant can be released as he awaits trial.