There's always something happening in Florida... The Sunshine State's gained a reputation over the years for the strange headlines they've made. It even got to the point where it prompted the creation of a social media challenge in which people would Google "Florida Man" and their date of birth to find out what wild headline landed on their birthday. The two most recent, and absurd, headlines that Floridians have made include a teacher writer "WTF is this" on one of her student's homework, as well as .. get this: a twerking shoplifter

If that isn't enough to make you wonder what's in "that Florida water," the latest headline sees a Florida man being arrested this past weekend, after police discovered a bag of methamphetamine inside a to-go box of potato wedges—"hot, fresh potato wedges." 

Complex reports that Deputies found the drugs during a Saturday traffic stop in Hillsborough County. Officers say the suspect, 48-year-old James Henry Simpson, was wanted in a neighboring county after he failed to appear in court on drug-related charges. Deputies began searching Simpson's vehicle after learning about his active warrant, and they happened to find 6 grams of meth mixed in with his carb-y snacks.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister took to Facebook on Tuesday, to share news of the unusual (for every other state in the US) news, jokingly writing: "I’d like an order of potatoes wedges with a side of METH!" Simpson was arrested on the outstanding warrant and issued an additional penalty, of possession of controlled substance charge. According to Hillsborough County's inmate database, the self-employed handyman was still in custody on a bond hold.