Upcoming Florida rapper and XXL's "The Break" feature Icy Narco was arrested earlier this week in Miami, Florida. XXL reports that the Miami Dade Corrections facility confirmed the arrest detailing how Icy has a warrant but wouldn't reveal what it was for. Icy was later released on Wednesday, October 17th, which means more court dates loom ahead. 

Icy has previously worked with Ronny J and more recently dropped off "Frozen Soul" featuring Kid Buu.

“I never wanna go mainstream," Icy previously stated of his future in the industry. "I wanna have a mainstream following, but I don’t wanna ever go mainstream just because I feel like mainstream artists, they don’t really have real emotions and real meanings behind their music. But I’d rather just make the Icy Narco sound I want to make and take it as far as I could possibly go, and not let a label really try to control my sound.”

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