There's a lot of strange headlines that have come out of Florida and this one is no different. According to reports, the parents of 17-year-old Alyssa Michelle Hatcher want to press charges against her after finding out that she was plotting to kill them. The Lake County Sheriff's Office has arrested and charged Hatcher with two counts of criminal solicitation of murder.

Hatcher admitted to the claims and broke down what happened. Apparently, it started off when she stole her parents debit card and withdrew over $1400 in cash. $100 of that was used to purchase cocaine before giving her friend $400 to kill her parents. Her friend, who's clearly more rational than her, didn't go through with the murder so Hatcher tried again. She hired another person to kill her parents for $900 but that person also decided against it, according to the sherriff's office.

Her boyfriend spoke to investigators and said that he saw her at an "a known drug house" and she told him about wanting to have her parents killed. However, the motive behind her scheme to kill her parents is still unclear.

“This is a sad case when you think about the family dynamics and everything,” Lake County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Fred Jones said. “I couldn’t even imagine something like that.”

Hatcher was transferred to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Ocala, Florida.