When Canelo Alvarez was just 23-years old back in 2013, he got the shot of a lifetime when he fought Floyd Mayweather for the title. Mayweather ended up dominating the fight, adding to his perfect record. At the time of that fight, Mayweather made $41 million in guaranteed money which was a record. Since then, though, Mayweather has said that he's made $300 million from his fights against both Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor respectively. While Mayweather has claimed that he has retired from big prize fights, one of his biggest rivals and critics, Oscar De La Hoya, says even more money could be at stake if he goes for a rematch against Canelo.

De La Hoya is Canelo's promoter and told TMZ Sports that there would be a ton of interest in a rematch.

"If Floyd Mayweather decides to come back, a fight with him and Canelo could be a $1.5 billion fight," he said.

While Canelo is set to fight Daniel Jacobs on May 4, the fighter has expressed interest in a rematch with Mayweather, saying, "I would love to have the opportunity to avenge that defeat."

As of right now, it seems as though Floyd is more interested in taking part in exhibition fights in Japan, but you never know, perhaps this could happen if the money's right.