Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul recently had their fight pushed back to an unknown date although that hasn't stopped the former from talking a whole lot of smack on social media. In fact, Mayweather recently took to Instagram where he said he would be down to fight Jake Paul and 50 CentThe younger Paul brother saw this challenge and immediately took to IG with a video response in which he recited a disrespectful poem that referenced NBA YoungBoy, all while noting that Floyd can't read.

"Dear Mr. Mayweather, who runs your Instagram? They need to get paid better. Do us a favor and stay off of social media, you should focus on learning to read, retirement, or maybe an encyclopedia," Paul said. "You call me out to fight but you're half my height. You may beat my brother but Jake Paul is a different type. F*ck your proposition, I don't do exhibitions. We can fight on my conditions, 50/50 commissions. Oh, and we haven't forgotten, you tried training Nate [Robinson] to beat me. I left him unconscious on the canvas, let's hope you're not that easy. A quick NBA knockout, he's never boxing again. Speaking of NBA, who knocked up your daughter, my friend?"

Mayweather didn't take too kindly to the Instagram post, which led to a lengthy response in which he called Jake Paul an exhibition fighter who isn't worthy of any sort of praise.

"Jake Paul is talking about he don't do exhibitions, them two bullshit boxing matches he had were exhibitions,"Mayweather said. "They were not against real professional boxers. And I don’t even play when it comes to education because millions of blacks got lynched just for reading. Let me see, you went to get a black boxing trainer, try to dress like you're black, wear jewelry like black people, try to dance like black people, but you don't want to be BLACK. All you do is jack black swag from us. You go from groupie fan to a fake professional fighter, this world is crazy."

Paul and Mayweather are two men who know how to promote themselves, so this little back and forth probably won't be ending anytime soon. At the end of the day, these antics bring in the money, and the fans simply can't get enough of it.