Floyd Mayweather has been retired from boxing for a while now although he is still committed to participating in some exhibition matches every once in a while. In fact, Mayweather was supposed to be fighting this month against the likes of Logan Paul, although due to COVID-19, they weren't able to make it happen. Some theorized that the fight didn't get enough traction, although Logan dispelled those rumors, noting that the pre-fight pay-per-view numbers were astronomical.

Recently, Mayweather celebrated his 44th birthday in style in Florida as he held a futuristic-style event. While there, Mayweather was approached by TMZ where they asked him about the Logan fight and whether or not it is going to go down. Mayweather was reassuring about the whole thing as he confirmed that a fight is, indeed, on the horizon.

"I know it's going to happen," Floyd said. "We just want make sure everything is right and everything is where it should be." With COVID still raging on in the United States, it could take a long time before the fight is fully sorted out. Although based on Paul and Mayweather's comments, a fight will happen soon and hopefully in 2021.

As for Logan's brother Jake, he will be fighting Ben Askren in April, which is set to be yet another interesting matchup. At this point, the Paul brothers have fully infiltrated the boxing world.

Logan Paul

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images