When he isn't getting into petty Instagram beef with 50 Cent, Floyd Mayweather can be seen flaunting his money and making regular folks like you and me look like absolute broke boys. Mayweather's fans tend to eat this content up as it lets them aspire to something greater. The boxing legend is a testament to what hard work can do for you and regardless of how you feel about him, you got to admit that he's one of the most successful athletes ever.

Yesterday was July 4th and Mayweather took the opportunity to honor his favorite founding father, Benjamin Franklin. The boxer lined his table with stacks on stacks of $100 bills and dropped some wisdom at the same time.

Per @floydmayweather:

"I was once told that “the loudest person in the room is the weakest person in the room”. Well, that works for the individuals that’s doing something illegal. But in my case, I’m happy to flaunt my legal wealth and brag about being a black man that came from poverty, beat all odds and not give a fuck about what anybody thinks. Happy 4th, this is my independence! Now, let the fireworks begin!"
If there is one thing for sure here, it's that they don't call him "Money Mayweather," for nothing.