Floyd Mayweather is heavily regarded as one of the best defensive boxers of all time. With a record of 50-0, Floyd has been in his fair share of big fights and because of that, he has earned estimates of over $1 billion. They don't call him Floyd "Money" Mayweather for nothing. Well, just yesterday Mayweather showed off just how rich he is when he posted a video to Instagram, flexing in a black and gold robe, all while donning some diamonds and sipping out of a gold chalice.

"Real Royalty. Everything I got on is real, even the cup I’m sipping out of is real gold and if you don’t like it... you’re a REAL HATER! Now that’s some real shit," Mayweather wrote.

Not only is Mayweather flexing his accessories, but he also has stacks of cash sitting at his feet. It's just the cherry on top of the flex-cake that Mayweather delivers in this video. We've always known Floyd to be flashy but this latest video just really makes us all feel pretty poor in comparison.

We just hope Floyd is spending his money wisely, getting his dividends up, and is making sure he doesn't go bankrupt like his rival 50 Cent