It didn't take long for Floyd Mayweather to knock out his opponent Tenshin Nasukawa yesterday. The two took part in an exhibition fight that was clouded in uncertainty as to whether or not it was ever going to really happen. Nasukawa, who is a kickboxer, was not allowed to use those skills in the fight, giving Mayweather a clear advantage.

The undefeated 42-year-old made use of that advantage, knocking his opponent down three times in just two minutes. After the third knockdown, Nasukawa's team threw in the towel, giving Mayweather the easy victory.

After the fight, Mayweather said "It was all about entertainment. We had fun. Tokyo, you were amazing, but I'm still retired. We're both still undefeated. Tenshin is still a champion and a great fighter."

According to Floyd's Instagram, the boxer earned $9 million for the fight, boasting that it only took him nine minutes to make all that money.

The fight was supposed to last three rounds at three minutes apiece, but thanks to the knockout, we didn't even get to see a full round.