With Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather's fight going all eight rounds, some fans feel like they were cheated out of an incredible result. Some wanted to see a massive upset while others were hopeful that Mayweather would knock Logan out. In the end, neither of those things happened and in the aftermath, many have taken to social media where they have complained about what went down.

One Twitter account, however, spotted something unique during the fight. In the clip below, Mayweather lands a big punch on Logan and it even looks like Logan may have been knocked out. However, as Logan looks to fall over, Mayweather helps hold him up, which then allows Paul to regain his bearings before continuing on with the fight.

While there is no guarantee that this is what, indeed, happen, the speculation has been palpable ever since the clip appeared on social media. Considering how the fight ended, many are looking for something redeemable to draw from the fight, and it seems like this specific moment is the one that most people are trying to talk about. Even if it's more of a conspiracy theory than anything else, at least it's something interesting to talk about.

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Floyd Mayweather & Logan Paul

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images