A few weeks ago, the biggest news out of Floyd Mayweather's camp was about the $18 million watch that he has recently copped. Of course, longstanding rival 50 Cent had some fun at Floyd's expense, laughing at the fact that the boxer would spend so much money on a timepiece. With 50 and Floyd both keeping their money up for years, they have always had their differences, going at each other on social media for some time now. As their feud re-intensifies, Floyd may have hit Curtis where it hurts most: his bank account.

Posting a side-by-side comparison of each of their financial capacities in 2018, Floyd decided to portray Fiddy as a sickly man, noting his net worth was a measly $20 million this year. Obviously, that last bit is sarcasm. $20 million is a hell of a lot of money but for somebody who just bought an $18 million watch, it's seemingly pocket-change. Of course, the fighter continued his "snitch" accusations by picturing a rat stiched onto 50's shirt. Mayweather captioned the image as such, writing, "You’re Not Supposed To Be Beefing With Me. You’re Supposed To Be Beefing With My WATCH. Me And You Are Not On The Same Level!!!" 

From the looks of things, Floyd may have gotten hurt in the comments section through his current beef as the man has disabled all comments on the post. This feud is definitely steaming and we wouldn't surprised if at least a couple more responses pop up throughout the day.