Floyd Mayweather has very little to prove at this point in his career. He has a perfect 50-0 record and after all this time, no one has been able to take him down. For now, it seems like Mayweather is done when it comes to fighting for belts, although he seems content with engaging in exhibition matches. Later this year, that is exactly what Mayweather will be doing as he takes on the likes of Logan Paul in what should be an incredibly bizarre matchup.

Ahead of the fight, Mayweather has been adamant that he will humble Paul although Logan hasn't been too accepting of this. Regardless, Mayweather continues to issue messages on his Instagram page, and that's exactly what he did on Saturday as he claimed that there is only one thing on his mind right now. 

"They’re worried about the legacy, I'm worried about the currency," Mayweather wrote matter of factly. Obviously, Mayweather just wants to make a lot of cash, and that's exactly what he will do in this Logan Paul fight. Even if he loses, the bag is going to be one of the heftiest of his career.

Despite this, a loss to Logan Paul would be virtually unforgivable. Mayweather is well-aware of this, and we're sure he's going to put on a show that stops Paul in his tracks.

Floyd Mayweather\

Ethan Miller/Getty Images