Floyd Mayweather has some tough decisions to make now that he's rolling in Yen, and he's asking his fans for some advice.

Following his cakewalk first-round knockout victory against kickboxing champion Tenshin Nasukawa, Mayweather took to instagram to ask his followers which luxury vehicle he should take out for the day.

"Y'all guys tell me, should I take this truck out today? My G-Wagon? My Tonka toy? Or should I take my Rolls-Royce truck out today. Now, y'all gotta decide. Let me know."

As seen in the video embedded below, Mayweather's new Rolls-Royce truck, complete with red leather seats, is loaded with his winnings.

For his efforts in the exhibition boxing match, which lasted all of 139 seconds, the man they call "Money" walked away with $9 million. For those scoring at home, that works out to approximately $68,000 per second.

“It was all about entertainment. We had fun,” Mayweather said, per ESPN. “I’m still retired. I don’t look forward to coming back to boxing. I did it just to entertain fans in Japan. I’m still retired, I’m still 50-0, and Nasukawa is still undefeated and a hell of a fighter.”

If you missed the "highlights" or are interested in watching the full fight, you can check out the footage in the video embedded below.