Floyd Mayweather has never been one for modesty and being humble. Whether it be through the art of boxing or his numerous stacks of cash, Mayweather is always flexing something. Just a few weeks ago, Mayweather took to Instagram where he lined up all of his money on a table and showed us just how rich he is. It was a pretty hilarious and over the top sight to behold but at this point, what else do you expect from the man otherwise known as "Money Mayweather."

Today, Floyd got back on his Instagram with an even rarer flex, this time talking about an extravagant watch he owns. The timepiece is a 1-of-1 Jacob & Co Rainbow Tourbillon. Essentially, this particular model is the only one ever made and Floyd owns it all to himself. The watch has a gold face with multiple features and details inside, all while the wrist band is covered in what looks like some incredibly clear diamonds.

Floyd will forever be an all-time great in the art of flexing and we appreciate him for it. His success just goes to show how you can pretty well achieve anything as long as you work hard and are great at whatever it is you do. 

Between his watches, his money, and his legendary boxing career, it must be nice being Floyd Mayweather.