Did you think the ongoing feud between frenemies 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather was over? Neither did we. It appears that Mayweather still has some choice words to say about the G-Unit leader. Mayweather sat down with Complex x Fuse for an interview where he at first acts like everything is cool with 50, before he continues on to trash Power. For those of you who may not own a television, Power is 50's highly successful drama series that is currently on its fifth season on Starz.

“Well, I said enough is enough. I don’t bash no one on social media, I don’t talk bad about no one on social media," began Mayweather. "I wish 50 nothing but the best. I want him to keep doing what he doing. I watch Power, I mean even if he left the show, people are still going to watch the show. But as far as this season, it’s been shit, it’s been garbage, and you know that as well as I know that.”

Although this season of Power has been somewhat slow burning, calling it "shit" is a bit much. In fact, the fifth season of Power is earning rave reviews. Obviously, Mayweather just feels some type of way about his old friend. At least he still watches the show.