Last night, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather engaged in what was supposed to be an incredible boxing event. Fans were hoping for one of two things to happen: a Logan knockout upset, or a masterclass from Floyd that would put Logan on the ground. In the end, fans got neither of those, as Mayweather simply took it easy for all eight rounds, all while Logan was seen missing his punches and moving around like a Wii Sports boxing character.

At the start of the fight, it was clear that Mayweather had very little interest in actually trying as he simply let Logan swing a few times while dodging every single punch. Paul rarely ever played defense on Floyd as his arms were constantly swinging below his torso. This allowed Mayweather to connect some solid shots, although Paul ate them surprisingly well.

Logan Paul & Floyd Mayweather

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

By the end of the eight rounds, Logan was still on his feet, and to his credit, he survived. However, many fans on social media were upset about the fight and just how low effort it came across as. In the tweets below, many fans questioned why anyone would actually pay for such a fight and that at the end of the day, Paul and Mayweather successfully finessed everyone into thinking this was actually going to be a real show.

Needless to say, Floyd and Logan aren't exactly in everyone's good graces right now, although we're sure they're quite alright with that considering they just made a significant bag.