Admittedly, the proposed bout between Floyd Mayweather and Japanese kickboxing phenom Tenshin Nasukawa has been hard to keep tabs on. Following its announcement, Floyd flew to Japan to launch the fight's inaugural press run.

Everything seemed to be headed in the right direction, until a few days later when he pulls out unexpectedly, citing false pretenses. To blame: the Japanese matchmakers, or so he claims.

Well it turns out, the only concern holding him back, was how the outcome of the fight would affect his spotless record, so both sides went back to the drawing board. The rules to the exhibition match have since been adjusted to suit his fancy. So yes, the fight is back on (until further notice), but under slightly different pretenses.

The new rules state that no fighter is allowed to kick, not one iota, stated Floyd in an impromptu interview with TMZ. "There's no official fight. It's an exhibition. A small, nine-minute exhibition. No kicking," he explained. "It's going to be the highest paid exhibition ever. Just for promoting this event I've made seven figures."

As the record states, the exhibition match will take place in Tokyo on New Year's Eve, barring any last minute interjections from the Money Team. We'll keep you posted.