You could expect Trey Songz to live up to the R&B heartthrob persona he presented when he first entered the game. However, it does seem to get him in trouble from time to time with other women's boyfriends. Last night, the rapper took to Instagram where he shared a thirst trap of Renni Rucci to his Instagram Story. Without a caption of explanation, Trey left room for assumptions and it seems that a few people, including Renni's boyfriend, took it as the R&B singer shooting his shot.

Foogiano, who is currently locked up, wasn't particularly pleased about Trey's IG post. Though the rapper doesn't have access to social media, his team seemingly shared two messages on his behalf. The first was a text post which reads, "Slap the shit out you when I get out @treysongz," before signing off, "From The Mayor."

A second video clip from Foogiano speaking from prison was also shared to his story and Foogiano expounded on these thoughts even further. "Trey, you a bitch. I'm gon' slap the fuck out you when I catch you, boy. You better have a lot of security with you and I'll slap the fuck out them, too, with yo old ass. Sangin ass n***a, you ain't gon' sing when I catch your bitch ass, boy," he said.

Check the clip below.