Foolio Reveals His Favorite Things: Chick-Fil-A, Fendi, Kevin Durant, & More

Alex Zidel
June 29, 2021 16:21

Foolio stars in the latest episode of "Top 5s" where he reveals his favorite foods, athletes, clothing brands, and more.

Foolio is one of the most well-known rappers from his city, coming from a long line of Jacksonville-based rappers that have created a buzz for themselves nationally. In recent months, Foolio has earned a lot of attention with his song "Whip Bump," as well as his violent feud with fellow Jacksonville talent Yungeen Ace. As his profile continues to rise, we caught up with Foolio for the latest episode of Top 5s, where he goes down the list of his favorite athletes, the best restaurants, the hottest places to go in his hometown, and more.

With more and more people being put onto Foolio this year, the rapper sat down with us to unpack some of his favorite things, exclusively telling us about the best food joints in Florida, his preferred clothing brands, and more. You'll learn a lot about Foolio in this episode. For starters, you'll find out about his love for Chick-fil-A, keeping two bottles of their sauce in his car. 

Referencing sports in his rhymes from time to time, Foolio also spoke about his favorite athletes, naming Kevin Durant as his all-time favorite basketball player and telling us that he really wanted to see the Nets win the championship this year. 

Learn more about Foolio by watching his episode of Top 5s above and let us know who you want to see next on the show.

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