Foot Locker and Adidas’ have partnered to launch the new Asterisk Collective, a platform empowering creative partners to make a difference in the world through their respective initiatives, positively impacting communities all over the world. 

As part of the launch, Foot Locker & Adidas have teamed with Kid Cudi, Raury and H.E.R., as well as Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell and LA Sparks' Candace Parker.


Says Cudi, “Adidas and Foot Locker put together a collective of creative individuals who are already involved in creating change and wanted to partner with these individuals to amplify their respective missions to connect with larger communities.”

In celebration of the Asterisk Collective, Adidas will be releasing a special edition TRESC Run, featuring an eye-catching red colorway complete with the campaign’s signature Asterisk logo near the heel. The kicks, priced at $130, are scheduled to drop on December 20. 

According to Foot Locker, the platform’s symbol, the Asterisk mark, serves as an icon that signifies the coming together of sport, creativity and community, as well as the exception to the rule that marks those who stand out and make a difference.

  • Kid Cudi will provide the opportunity for kids to experience the healing powers that creativity can have, through outlets like music, art and design. 
  • Raury will bring music to communities to promote self-wellness, like hosting co-creating surprise outdoor concerts that benefit local communities.
  • H.E.R. will fuel her non-profit “Bring the Noise Foundation” to provide access to high-quality music programs, top tier artists and mentorship for under-served communities.
  • Patrick Mahomes will amplify his passion for inspiring hospital patients through sport and make an impact on a greater scale, like hosting sporting event viewing parties at local hospitals.
  • Donovan Mitchell will amplify his acts of kindness, inspiring others to join the movement and celebrate experiences that benefit the community.
  • Candace Parker will connect with young women across the country and inspire them to make the world a better place through equality, like creating an inspirational speaker series