Kareem Hunt is about to watch his name fade from the history books. The young Kansas City Chiefs running back lost his job in the NFL after video footage exposed him as a woman beater. If there was any chance that Hunt could redeem himself, that's gone down the drain now. Hunt appears to have an issue with his temperament. Not only did he allegedly assault a man in Ohio, now footage has hit the web of him being restrained just moments before another fight he was involved in. 

Let's rewind for a moment. TMZ reports that back in January, Hunt, George Atkinson, and others were involved in an altercation at Kansas City nightclub Mosaic. The team was celebrating the highs and lows of their season after being ousted from the playoffs by the Titans on January 7 around 2 AM. The victim of the altercation filed a police report where he stated he suffered broken bones and bruises from the players. No one was charged and no lawsuits were filed. Law enforcement told TMZ that the victim stopped cooperating with police. Now, the media site has published footage of Hunt being held back by security at the club on the night in question. Others in the crowd try to calm him down as well. It looks like Hunt just can't control his temper.